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is unique because it includes a merchant account and payment gateway. You don't have to worry about finding a separate merchant account, payment gateway and billing application that work together. We set everything up for you. handles everything, including storing cards, charging your customers, and direct payouts to your bank account.


Use our website, API or Hosted Payment Pages to set up and maintain your recurring billing schedule for all your customers. We have a solution that works perfectly for any business no matter how tech-savvy you might be. Also, we're always here to help! You can have as many recurring charges as you want for each customer.


takes your recurring payment schedule for all your customers and automatically charges your customer's card when it's time to charge them. When a charge goes through, we'll email you and your customer email receipts, and if the card is declined, we'll keep trying once a day until the charge is approved. All credit card numbers are stored securely on our secure gateway.


saves you time that you can now devote to growing your business instead of manually managing and processing your charges. Use the reports to gain valuable insight on how your business is running so you can make informed decisions. Now that your revenue is rolling in automatically, you're free to focus on other parts of your business. Or even a vacation...we won't tell.

How it Works?

How to get rewards

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Send and receive referral rewards

You can earn referral rewards by inviting new users to . Once the referred user makes their first payment, both users will receive the reward. You can only earn one referral reward for installing .

  • Send a referral invitation.
  • Use a referral code.
  • Play Scratch Cards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

acts as an intermediary between your business and the payment gateway. It allows you to create recurring payment plans, and then initiates a transaction for the correct amount with your payment gateway when it's time to charge your customer.
was built from the ground up to be the simplest, most cost effective way for you to charge your customers. We bring the many pieces associated with processing payments in-house and pass the savings on to you.
Yes. works with our payment gateway to store your customers' cardholder data in a secure, PCI compliant environment. We work with the payment gateway so you don't ever have to worry about managing this sensitive billing information.
You can use in test mode immediately to get the hang of it. Once you apply for your merchant account, you will usually be able to start accepting credit cards within 3-5 business days.
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